After the morning sport (muscle toning), Burak İsmanur and Çimen Güldöker, our team leaders shown us the project. At the end we split the main group in three smaller groups called ‘working team’ (journalist, photo and video, socıal media). Each one choose the team following her or his own aptitudes.  


Firstly, Turkish team went to the Sabiha Gökçen Airport for welcoming Italian team. This process took time that longer than planned because of an issue in the airport. At the end both teams met and hugged themselves in desired happy atmosphere. We took a boat to go to island and the Italian team was very…… Continue reading Arrival

First post, first enthusiasim

We have been working hard to organize every detail of the project ReLOADED. Now the date is just one day before the camp, we have completed so much work with the team energy. ReLoaded is a project which works with the Italian and the Turkish team. The project contains psychodrama/sociodrama workshops, a trip to Edirne…… Continue reading First post, first enthusiasim